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Tim Heidecker as Agent Jack Decker.

"Decker" is a spy thriller/action series created by Tim Heidecker, who also stars as the titular character. The series was conceived by Heidecker during his time hosting the movie review web-show "On Cinema at the Cinema", and has been met with great critical acclaim. Popular spy franchises such as Jack Reacher, Mission Impossible, and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, served as inspiration for the look and style of "Decker", but as its popularity has grown, these other franchises have been known to borrow elements from the show as a nod to its success. Recently, the Decker franchise has branched out into genre crossovers, specifically with the controversial third season, DVD: Decker vs Dracula.


  • Tim Heidecker as "Agent Jack Decker"
  • Gregg Turkington as "Special Agent Jonathan Kington"
  • Joe Estevez as "President Jason Davidson"
  • Mark Proksch as "Abdul", "Frankenstein"
  • James Mane as "Lanoi Arnold", Decker's oldest and closest friend.
  • Ayaka as "Ayaka"
  • James Byron Dean as "Dracula"

Season One: Decker: Classified[]

In season one of "Decker", Agent Jack Decker finds himself facing one of the gravest threats the country has ever seen, as a group of Taliban terrorists plot to detonate a nuclear bomb and blow up the Super Bowl/Central Park. Decker obtains detailed plans for the plot from his informant Abdul, a traitor to the Taliban. With the plans being locked in a briefcase rigged to explode in the event of tampering, Decker enlists the help of crack code-breaker, Special Agent Kington. After some tense moments, Kingston is able to open the briefcase, allowing Decker to access the plans inside. Learning that the terrorists plan to blow up Central Park that very day, Decker mounts his hog and rides for the park at top speed.

Upon arriving, Decker discovers that the mastermind behind the plot is none other than Abdul himself, the very man who informed him of the plans in the first place. After a mano a mano fight to the death, Decker kills Abdul and heaves the armed warhead into the sky where it explodes into the shape of an American flag, thus saving Central Park. Decker returns to the white house for a debriefing with the president, where he berates him for not bombing the Taliban back to the stone age and for allowing the chickens to come home to roost. The president agrees and offers to resign and turn over the presidency to Decker, but he refuses. His place is out there in the shit, protecting America from those who would do it harm. The president awards Decker the Medal of Honor for his services, which he accepts before flying off to Hawaii aboard Air Force One.

Season Two: Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii: Save the Island[]

While vacationing in Hawaii and visiting his oldest and closest friend, Lanoi Arnold, Decker witnesses the President being kidnapped on live television by terrorists. He also discovers that the terrorists have taken complete control of the island, and that Special Agent Kington, who is also on the island, appears to be working with the terrorists. Using GPS Eyes in the Sky, Decker locates Kington and confronts him. It turns out that Kingston was simply vacationing in Hawaii as well, using it as cover to dub his valuable VHS tape collection. In an effort to secure a perimeter around the island and gain intel on the terrorist operations, Decker jetskis around the island and learns that the terrorists have taken over every base on the island. Meanwhile, a terrorist spy plants a listening device in a VHS copy of Bye Bye Love that she then gives to Kington, giving the terrorists a way to hear Decker's plans.

Upon determining where the president is being held, Decker leads a daring rescue and breaks him out of captivity. With the president safely back in the White House, Decker's next move is to get eyes in the sky, high in the sky bird's eye view to learn of the terrorists' location. Decker uses a parasail to deploy into the ionosphere a satellite that he constructed himself. From there he has eyes in the sky bird's eye view to determine where the Taliban headquarters are. Before making his move on the Taliban, Decker decides to take Klington to the Pearl Harbor memorial in an effort to show him what America is all about. During the trip, he reclaims the lost dogtags of his grandfather, who died in the attack, from the bottom of the harbor. Bolstered by his renewed patriotism, Decker bravely ziplines deep into Taliban territory, avoiding Taliban gunfire and RPGs on the way to his objective. Unfortunately, he is captured by the terrorists at the base of the zipline.

Finding himself a captive of the Taliban, Decker again calls on Klangston's expertise to break the code to his locks. Decker escapes his cell, kills all but one of the guards, and interrogates the remaining one. Using the foolproof waterboarding method, Decker immediately causes the guard to crack, but what he learns is more shocking than he could have ever imagined. The guard tells him that his boss is Lanoi Arnold, Decker's oldest and closest friend. Decker allows the guard the dignity of ending his own life and then heads off to confront Lanoi Arnold, his oldest and closest friend. After an emotional mano y mano fight to the death, Lanoi Arnold, Decker's oldest and dearest friend, is left dead and defeated. Decker, clearly emotionally distraught after having to kill his oldest and best friend, collects himself and drives away. With Lanoi Arnold defeated, the last order of business is for Decker to destroy the terrorist listening device that almost cost them the mission. With no way of identifying the specific bugged tape, Decker sets aflame Kington's entire collection, much to Kington's dismay. However, there was nothing else Decker could do, and it was the price that had to be paid to save America. A hero once again, Decker is honored with a parade down Main Street celebrating his invaluable contribution to the American people.

Decker vs Dracula Controversy[]

After the success of Season Two of Decker, Tim Heidecker felt that the franchise had become successful enough to be handed off to a lesser quality director to act as a worker bee while Tim moved on to newer and more exciting projects, such as his up-and-coming prog-rock band Dekkar. Believing him to be a semi-competent director capable of doing justice to the franchise, Tim Heidecker named Gregg Turkington the new director for the third season. To Heidecker's dismay, Turkington took the franchise in directions that he never intended and would never have approved of. Among the complaints Tim had with Gregg's directorial choices were his decision to have Dracula as the main villain for the season, as well as Decker's capitulation and collaboration with his arch-nemesis Abdul, a Taliban terrorist.

Unhappy with the quality level of the third season, Tim announced that it had been cancelled during the 6th episode of On Cinema Lucky Season 7. Later, he announced via his Twitter account that he would be removing the first three episodes of the show from youtube. As of October 19, 2015, all episodes of Decker vs Dracula have been removed from the official youtube page. However, loyal Greggheads have taken it upon themselves to reupload the episodes in an effort to preserve them for posterity. Gregg was clearly upset with Tim's authoritarian decision to unceremoniously cancel D3DVD. As a result, the two On Cinema hosts appear to be at odds and it is unclear if their professional relationship will continue or if Decker vs Dracula will ever be finished.

The Return of James Dean to the Silver Screen[]

James Dean as Dracula in Decker vs Dracula.

Season Three of Decker is significant in that it is the first appearance of James Dean in a film role since revealing himself to still be alive, and his first since starring as Jett Rink in 1956's "Giant". After decades of pretending to be dead after he faked his death in a car accident, Dean made a momentous appearance on the Third Annual On Cinema Oscar Special to reveal himself to the world. In Decker, James Dean plays the main villain, Dracula, who seeks to destroy the world with his supernatural WMD, the Destructicon.

On Wednesday, October 20, it was discovered that the man purported to be James Dean was, in fact, a fraud. Ralph Lucas, a D-list horror film actor, was actually the man playing the role of Dracula. This was confirmed via the Decker IMDB page. It seems that Gregg has been hoodwinked yet again.

Decker vs Dracula: Behind the Truth[]

Due to the growing controversy surrounding DVD's cancellation, Tim put out a short documentary film detailing the internal conflicts behind the filming of the third season. The documentary shows footage of Tim and Gregg arguing about Gregg's creative decisions and level of professionalism. The footage is annotated with comments from Tim reflecting his grievances with Gregg's work. At the end, Tim objects to a plot point in which Decker is supposed to work with Abdul to defeat Dracula. Furious at the very idea that Decker would ever work with a terrorist (despite doing so in the very first episode) Tim shouts at the crew and storms offset.

Decker vs Dracula: The Lost Works[]

In response to Tim's documentary, Gregg released his own video which complied lost footage, storyboards and even recreated footage that told the story of what was supposed to happen at the end of DVD. Dracula is defeated after trying to summon the ghosts of the three stooges only to be attacked by them, and Kingston manages to disable the Destructicon with his superior code-breaking skills. The President awards Kingston by giving him full access to the Library of Congress' film archive while Decker is praised as a national hero. Abdul is revealed to have betrayed Decker, and Kingston clarifies that Decker knew all along that Abdul couldn't be trusted and was simply using him as a means to an end. The episode ends with Agent Kingston shooting the screen ala James Bond with a message promising the view that "Agent Kingston will return in Decker vs Dracula: The Motion Picture." At the end of the video, Gregg reveals that he has created a Kickstarter campaign asking viewers for twenty million dollars so he can purchase the rights to Decker from Tim and create his own movie. Interestingly, Mark Proksch plays Decker in the recreation footage and never speaks.


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