'Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning' and 'The Frozen Ground'
Season 1
Episode 3
Length 5:05
Host Tim Heidecker
Guests Gregg Turkington
YouTube link

This is the first episode where we start to get glimpses into Tim's personal life where he is visible very upset and cries for part of the episode. Gregg does his best to keep up appearances, but is unable as the episode suddenly ends with Tim still crying.

Reviews Edit

The Frozen Ground (2012)
Reviewer Bags of popcorn Extra




Universal Soldier: Day of reckoning (2013)
Reviewer Bags of popcorn Extra



A can of Red Bull

Segments Edit

Popcorn Classics Edit

Second appearance of popcorn classics. However as Tim is very upset and crying, Gregg never gets a chance to show his movie, and the episode ends almost immedietely after the title card for Popcorn Classics.

Other Edit

  • Tim is too upset to give his review for the second film, Universal Soldier: Day of reckoning
  • Gregg once again changes his review during a recap, giving both movies 5 bags of popcorn
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